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About MBI Center

MBI Center is a consulting company that was established in Yangon in 2013 and provides professional support to companies wishing to expand into Myanmar.
Generally, setting up an office in Myanmar is complicated, time consuming and expensive.
We provide services to meet various needs, such as setting up a company in Myanmar, selling your products, establishing a factory, starting a new business, etc.


  • We aim to support Myanmar’s economic by bridging Myanmar to Japan and other foreign countries.
  • We aim to support the further extending of medium and small business by paying attention to each customer’s opinion and giving service with reasonable price.
  • We aim to focus on the learning of each employee and will continue to support on the environment where employees can do new challenges.


  • Company establishment support: 63 companies in total (24 industries: service industry, trading company, manufacturing industry, etc.)
  • Accounting services (IT, consulting, agriculture, transportation, retail, construction, restaurants, etc.)
  • Trade support (event products, accessories / stationery, printing machines / inks, herbs, scaffolding, etc.)
  • Translation / interpretation (housing industry, instructions, manuals, contracts, company registration documents, insurance guides, etc.)
  • Business survey (consumer materials, electrical products, measurement, printing industry, infrastructure environment of industrial park, automobile, motorcycle, pearl market, legal regulation survey, etc.)