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Business Research Service

We carry out various surveys according to customer’s request.

We provide a wide range of market research and assisted many customers to understand Myanmar economic landscape to help grow their business.

Our business research scope varies from competitor profiling, site visiting, surveying, market sizing to Laws and Regulations researching. MBI center is always at your service to deliver better results for your business.

What do we offer?

Competitor Profiling
It is the best basic way to get to know the strengths and the weakness of current and potential competitors. This highlights on both offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.
Partnership introduction
For customers who want to cooperate business, we can support and research the suitable partners in Myanmar and make appointments to engage.
Site Visiting
We are capable of arranging a visit to an exciting and innovative workplace to observe live operation in the relevant field.
Survey is one of the most useful ways to get to know the market. With our experienced staffs, we can collect information with ease and grace.
Market research
By knowing the potential of a market, customers can reduce risk and save time in introducing a new product into the market.
Laws and Regulations research
Taking actions according to the Existing laws is quite complicated and expensive in Myanmar. We can provide the reliable information from respective Government departments in no time.

Business research flow of MBI Center


Detail Discussion


Research in process

Research report

Final discussion

In inquiry state, we offer a free consultation to decide the Research contents. Working days and Research contents can be varied according to the requested research item. Kindly feel free to request for a quotation anytime.

Market situation in Myanmar

With many promising sectors, Myanmar has been the object of investor interest for the past three years.

However, market research in Myanmar is still very limited as a developing country. A big gap in customs and traditions makes the market research less assessable for the foreign investors without the help of local people.

MBI center is one of the best solutions for your business research needs with reasonable price and great service.

Despite the difficulties, we have gained experiences through different fields of jobs. Here are some past activities of us.

Competitor profiling & Market research

Milk powder

Listed milk powder brands and the price that are in the market and collected data about the Companies that imported or manufactured them.


Listed surgical gloves brands and the price that are in the market and differentiated the brand type and quality.

Mobile phones

Listed the buyers of second-hand mobile phones and engage them with customer.


List of oil and gas companies, arrangement of interviews.


Listed the Fish processing companies and also visited the site for better results. Engaged the targeted companies with customer.

Geographic survey

Listed land survey companies and visited the companies to collect information.

Myanmar natural graphite & river sand

Listed the partners and arranged appointment to engage partnership.

Nursing school, hospital, elderly care center

Listed the targeted places and visited sites to evaluate the situation whether it matches the customer needs or not.

Soba powder

Listed the business partners and suppliers and engaged them with the customer.

For building hospital

Visited the targeted areas and evaluated according to the customer needs.

Law and Regulation research


Researched about condominium law, filtered the information customer need and confirmed with respective government.

Company Establishment

Researched whether the type of Company that the customer wants to establish is available legally or not. Researched the respective laws and regulation about it and consult with customer.

Employment contract

Researched labour laws and filter out the information customer need and confirmed with respective government department.