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MBI Center is a consulting company that was established in Yangon in 2013 and provides professional support to companies wishing to expand into Myanmar.
Generally, setting up an office in Myanmar is complicated, time consuming and expensive.
We provide services to meet various needs, such as setting up a company in Myanmar, selling your products, establishing a factory, starting a new business, etc.

What are the merits of expanding into Myanmar?

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Rich experience

MBI Center has supported over 63 company establishments of 24 different business types in Myanmar since 2013.
We will strive to improve customer satisfaction by delivering accurate results in a short period of time so that your business can start up smoothly.


One-stop support

We support everything from business research to company establishment support, post-company trade, and sales support.
There are also Japanese residents, so you can use Japanese safely.Japanese and about 30 excellent Myanmar staff will support your company with all our might.


Conscientious price

Reasonable price setting of 1299 USD is one of our strengths.
We realize your business plan with a low budget.
Please compare with other companies' quotes.

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+959 9699 28612 (English & Myanmar) Reception time: 8:30 to 17:30 Myanmar time
(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Myanmar holidays)