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Trading Support Service

We have experienced many different cases and adapted very quickly to each situation and satisfied many customers.

We have partnership with a local trading company which is very experienced in trading and related matters.

“Time is Money” really does apply in trading sector. With the experienced staffs, who understand the procedures and policies very well, we can support you to save time with less risk. We have experienced many different cases and adapted very quickly to each situation and satisfied many customers.

General Investment Framework in Myanmar

Myanmar is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and its main trading partners are China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Germany and Hong-Kong. General classification of business activities in Myanmar is Industrial (Manufacturing), Services/Construction and Trading.

Trading sector in Myanmar

Ministry of Commerce issues Trading Permit for both 100% foreign and Joint-venture companies. The permitted items under current internal policies are-

  • Fertilizer
  • Seeds
  • Pesticide
  • Hospital equipment
  • Construction Materials

Requirements and Procedures

Research of trade regulation

Local consumer research

Sales test in the local market

Export to the local market

Local transportation arrangement

Local sales support

Research of trade regulation
We research whether or not you can trade the targeted item and trading procedures for that product. We then confirm the required documents with respective Government department.
Local consumer research
By resolving research items into various segments such as occupation, age and gender depends on products, we do research through interviews and questionnaires.
Sales test in the local market
With the sales method of customer’s choice, we provide sales support and sales method suggestions too. We can also take care of the trading matters of the sales item.
Export to the local market
We can arrange and support the export/import procedures via both air and sea. Exporting from every Japanese port to Myanmar port is available.
Local transportation arrangement
We also have transportation and warehouse services for further businesses after the arrival of your traded items.
Local sales support
We suggest the promotion plan for commodity sales in the local market and carry it out. We analyze Myanmar people’s point of view and make a proposal that are match with Myanmar traditions and customs.

Frequent problems

Document preparation
Since confirming information in Myanmar is not easy and difficult to access to the respective governmental department without visiting it to get information, many customers face the situations where the exported or imported items are wrongly documented and the government holds to take out the cargos. As preparing documents to trade is different depends on the item, it takes time and need experience to adapt on the situation and item to proceed.
Consignee/Consigner problems
We often support the customers who are having difficulty to do custom clearance because the consignee company does not have the permit to trade the item that the consigner has sent and the cargos cannot be exported back unless they are custom cleared once.
Penalty problems
By sea shipment, Terminal handling charges are free for 7 days. Myanmar custom permits the customers to take out the cargos within 160 days from the arrival date. If failed, government will confiscate or destroy the items. By air shipment, Terminal handling charges are free for 3 days. If the shipments are exported via agents like DHL, DHL surrenders shipment to Myanmar custom after 60 days from the arrival date. Then, Myanmar custom decides whether to fine or confiscate the items if the customer cannot take out the cargos in the specified timeframe. Warehouse charges will also be increasing day by day.
Unexpected problems
Items that worth under 500$ can be exported as Samples which does not need trading permit and license. There are some cases like customers send samples which exceed the limitation of the government which lead to the requirement of license and permit. In this case, customer has to apply trading permit and license immediately in order to take out the cargos. This results in Problem No (1), (2) and (3).