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Company Registration

We fully support the customers to establish a company in Myanmar with 1299 USD.

We support all Foreign and Local investors to start their business in Myanmar. Save your time and energy by using our services and for better, precise and swift results.

Introduction: How to register a company in Myanmar

Companies in Myanmar are incorporated in accordance with the Myanmar Companies Act (1914) and the Myanmar Companies Rules (1940). In December 2017, Former President U Htin Kyaw, has approved new Myanmar Companies Act (2017) which takes effect starting from August 1, 2018.

According to new Company Law, it is now possible to establish a company only with one shareholder and one director. With the requirement of resident director, at least one of the directors must stay more than 183 days in Myanmar within one year. It is good news to all the local and foreign investors that in the new Company Act, Local Investment 65% and Foreign Investment 35% Shares Company is assumed as a local company.

Registering companies in Myanmar are digitalized and depending on the company type, setting up a Company can be done within a few days. Before registering a company, investors need to decide a company type.

Foreign Company
Companies with 35% to 100% foreign investment shares are considered as Foreign Companies. Foreign Companies can be “Private Company, Public Company or a Company limited by guarantee and Unlimited Company”.
Local Company
Companies with 65% to 100% Local Investment Shares are considered as Local Companies. Foreign investors can do joint-investments with local partners and get local company privileges. Local Companies can be “Private Company, Public Company or a Company limited by guarantee and Unlimited Company”.
Oversea Cooperation
Branch office also known as Oversea Cooperation can be established by Mother Company’s investment. Investors can appoint officials and one Resident Representative who has to stay in Myanmar for 183 days according to the new law.

Steps of Company Establishment

Decide company type

Confirm necessary information

Complete online application

Receive Certificate of Incorporation

Complete opening company bank accounts

Customer first needs to decide a company type or consult with us to decide one. The registration process will start once the customer has handed all required documents and within 5 working days, the incorporation certificate will be delivered to the customer. Nevertheless, we will not take responsibility for the delay from the government side. We will support opening bank account afterwards at the bank of customer’s choice.

Necessary Documents for Company Establishment

Foreign Company

  • Passport or NRC copy of Shareholder/ Director
  • Investor company’s registration card
  • Letterhead of Company in Myanmar

Oversea Cooperation

  • Passport or NRC copy of Representative
  • Constitution (AOA) of Mother company
  • Mother company’s registration card
  • Letterhead of Company in Myanmar

Local Company

  • NRC or passport copy of Shareholder/ Director (Myanmar)
  • Investor company’s registration card
  • Letterhead of Company in Myanmar

What kind of information need to provide for Company Establishment?

  1. Company Name
  2. Information of Shareholders (Company/ Individual)
  3. Information of Managing Director/ Directors
  4. Share ratio
  5. Number of shares
  6. Address and Phone Number of Company in Myanmar

If shareholder is a company, please provide the registration card of that company.

MBI Center’s Company Establishment Experiences

63 companies with 24 different business types

From September 2013 to the present.

The number of companies we established listed by types of business









Employment agency




Real Estate


Food & Beverage














Accounting Firm




Design service


Elderly care




Health Care


Land survey


Mining Service




Travel & Tour


Service fees for Company Establishment

Price Amount including tax
Our service fee 1299(USD) 1364(USD)
Company registration fee & Others 200(USD) 210(USD)
Total estimated amount 1,574 USD

Business License Application

Along with the company registration, the related business license is a must according to law if you want to start a business in Myanmar. Our MBIC will support you for the whole start up.

Some licenses are easy to apply under YCDC/MCDC (Yangon/Mandalay City Development Committee) while some need approval from related Government Departments or Organization. And the procedures are also more complex.

Business Licenses MBIC have supported further:

  • Restaurant License
  • Gym License
  • Language School License
  • IT Services and Related Business License
  • Accounting Firm License
  • Microfinance Business License
  • Elderly care license
  • Shop license

We are supporting any Business License applicable under YCDC or MCDC, and also any complex licenses such as Food and Beverage Business License, Alcohol License, Cosmetics and Drugs Business License which may need FDA approval.