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Stay permit application service

Stay Permit applications are relieved.

In this Covid-19 epidemic period, foreigners can apply for Stay Permit if they have at least 5 days or more left in their Visa. Procedures are faster than ever. Stay home, Stay Safe.

MBI Center offers a stay permit application service for long-term stays in Myanmar for business purposes. We will take care of the troublesome procedures.

What is Stay Permit?

Since there are no work visas in Myanmar, foreigners who are staying in Myanmar for business purposes for a long time need to obtain a business visa and stay permit. Some people get a business visa only to enter the country, but if you only have a business visa, you have to leave the country once every 70 days, whether you have a single or a multiple visa. Acquiring a stay permit saves you time and money without having to leave the country every 70 days.

Those who enter with a business visa valid for 70 days can apply for a stay permit and multi-visa in Myanmar after entering the country. When you apply for the first time, you can get a 6-month stay permit (multi-visa). If you plan to stay in Myanmar for more than 90 days, you will need to obtain a foreigner registration certificate (FRC).

The application period for stay permit is about one and a half months. Please note that if you leave the country during the procedure, the application will be invalidated.

Frow of application for stay permit

Required Information & Document Screening

Sign and formalization on required information

Application at DICA (Directorate of Investment and Company Administration)

Application at Immigration Office

Documents required at the time of application


  • Original passport
  • 5 color photos (1.5in x 2in) (1.5in×2in)
  • Professional qualification certificate
  • Copy of employment contractThe contract period must cover the visa renewal period.
  • Original Foreigner Registration Card (FRC)If the application has not been completed, we will respond.

Incorporated in Myanmar

  • Corporate registry
  • Registry abstract
  • Tax certificate
  • Licenses obtained from related ministries and agencies

Estimated Cost

unit price Tax included amount
Our service fee 600(USD) 630(USD)
Application fee for stay permit, 6-month multi-visa, foreigner registration card (actual cost) 400(USD) 420(USD)
Total estimated amount 1,050 USD