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Securities Trading Support

Consulting services related to securities trading

In October 2015, Myanmar's first stock market, the Yangon Stock Exchange, was established on the site of the central bank and myawadi bank headquarters. Initially, only Myanmar nationals could trade securities, but on July 12, 2019, the Myanmar Securities and Exchange Commission (SECM) announced that it would allow foreigners to trade on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX).

Both residents and non-residents are eligible, and both individuals and corporations can open securities accounts and buy and sell shares.

Currently, the seven companies listed on the Yangon Stock Exchange are as follows:

Company Name Listing date
First Myanmar Investment Public Co., Ltd. (FMI) March 25, 2016
Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings Public Co. Ltd. (MTSH) May 20, 2016
Myanmar Citizens Bank Ltd. (MCB) August 26, 2016
First Private Bank Ltd. (FPB) January 20, 2017
TMH Telecom Public Co., Ltd. (TMH) January 26, 2018
Ever Flow River Group Public Co., Ltd. (EFR) May 28, 2020
Amata Holding Public Co., Ltd. (AMATA) March 12, 2021

Securities accounts opened by foreigners

Foreigners can open securities accounts at the following securities companies:

  • KBZSC: KBZ Stirling Coleman Securities Co., Ltd.
  • CB Securities Ltd
  • AYA trust- Securities Company
  • UAB securities Limited Co., Ltd.
  • Myanmar Security Exchange Center
  • KTZ Ruby Hill Securities Co., Ltd.

The conditions and application procedures of each securities company are slightly different, so please feel free to contact us for details.

Flow of stock purchases

Contact us
Review required information
Prepare and apply for necessary documents
Licensed by YSX
Open a bank account
Opening a securities account
Create a remittance request for funds
Acquisition of central bank approvals
Transfer funds
Stock purchase

You must first select your preferred securities company and listed company.

After selection, we will receive the necessary documents and information from the customer and prepare the application documents.

Then, open an account at the bank and securities company of your choice.

Once the account is opened, the central bank approves the remittance and transfers capital from overseas.

From March 2020, foreigners can also open bank accounts and securities accounts, but you will need to come to Myanmar when opening.

One person cannot have more than one securities account.

In addition, funds transferred for securities transactions can not be returned to a foreign country within one year.

Documents and information required when opening a bank account and securities account

Resident foreigners

  • Passport
  • National Registration Number
  • Permission to stay and visa
  • Id photo
  • Account information in your home country
  • Account information in Myanmar

Non-resident foreigners

  • Passport
  • National Registration Number
  • Id photo
  • Account information in your home country
  • Account information in Myanmar

Resident and non-resident corporations

  • Company Registry
  • Register Abstracts
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors
  • List of officers
  • List of shareholders
  • Corporate account information in your home country
  • Passports/Identification Cards of Officers and Shareholders
  • Id photo

MBIC Support Contents and Estimates

Unit price (USD) Amount including tax (USD)
Opening a securities account 300/case 315
Remittance arrangements 200/case 210
Regular information delivery 150/month 158